About us

V.I.R Electrical Engineering Inc. was established in 2016 by electrical engineers Nick Pustilnik and Stav Berdichevsky and practical engineer Yehuda Ohana as a contractor for the execution and management of electrical work.

V.I.R Electrical Engineering Inc.

Each partner has a rich and varied record, higher education and all the necessary qualifications in the field of electrical work.

V.I.R Electrical Engineering Ltd. specializes in the execution of Infrastructure of low and medium voltage Infrastructure and electromechanical systems including: industrial and office infrastructure, air conditioning and energy centers, smoke evacuation systems, control and power infrastructures for elevators and building control systems.

V.I.R Electrical Engineering Ltd. employs expert professionals in their field and takes care to ensure uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.

The Company is classified in the Registrar of Contractors in Division 160 classification A-1.

Registered contractor no - 31595