Planning and execution of electrical and command & control systems

V.I.R Electrical Engineering was founded in 2016 as a company for the execution and management of electrical work.

The company specializes in the execution and management of complex and integrated projects that include:

  • Electrical infrastructure for offices
  • Electrical systems for industrial buildings, security Institutions, energy centers and logistics centers
  • Fire detection systems and smart control evacuation systems
  • Very low voltage electrical systems - smart control systems, communication and multimedia

Our advantages


    Reliable team of professionals


    Extensive experience


    Meeting deadlines


    Uncompromising quality

Our works

Electra Danko Office

Performing electrical and communication work for offices while maintaining special demands on exposed ceilings and including advanced multimedia systems

Honeywell office

Performing electrical and communication work for offices and openspaces as well as an advanced and innovative server room and a combination of smart systems and advanced multimedia systems.

Shufersal online logisitics center

Performing electrical and infrastructure work for Shufersal online logisitics center

SHFAYIM events hall

The company is responsible for infrastructure work and development of shefayim event hall, including adapting existing and new systems to advanced control and multimedia systems.


Performing electrical communications for high-tech company offices including openspaces offices and advanced UPS systems


The company is responsible for the electrical works of infrastructure and development as well as advanced lighting control systems in a structure designed for conservation. With an emphasis on…